Plant-Protein Powders

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Protein is a pivotal part of a healthy diet, the building blocks of muscle, hair, bones and teeth. Protein promotes growth, regulates blood sugar and metabolism, and even balances the minerals within our bodies. It is also essential for the enzymes that give us lean muscles and burn fat, it increases our energy levels and gives us glowing skin by carrying fresh oxygen to our red blood cells.

Plant based protein powder is an excellent alternative to dairy based protein powders (whey or casein) if you are lactose intolerant, sensitive to dairy protein or following a vegan diet. I limit both soy and dairy as it negatively affects my hormones and manifests in acne. I find Hemp protein powder to be highly digestible and hypoallergenic.

So many protein powders contain refined sugar, chemicals and preservatives – The key is to find to a natural clean protein powder free of any of the following ingredients:

No Gluten
No Added Sugar
No Hexane
No Pesticides or Herbicides
No Additives or preservatives

Plant based protein powders can taste a bit “green” which is off putting for some. To counteract the earthy plant flavor, my morning shake consists of:

Step 1: Liquid [250ml]
Almond milk, coconut water or for an indulgent treat try Coconut Yogurt

Step 2: Protein Power [10g – 20g]
Pea, rice or hemp powder

Step 3: Veggies
Handful of leafy greens or 1/3 beetroot

Step 4: Fruit [1 to 2 handfuls]
Banana, berries, pineapple or Lucuma powder if you are on a low carbohydrate and low sugar diet (adds a lovely natural sweetness)

Step 6: Healthy Fat Topper [optional]
Ground flax seeds, chia seeds or cacoa nibs