Tone Brassy Hair with Gentian Violet – The best fix for yellowing hair!

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If you are a natural ash blonde, lucky you! For the rest of us wannabes it’s an uphill struggle!

We colour our hair and after a few washes the shade fades out and we are left with locks fast resembling an orangutan! ….no offense to Orangutans please! But-what-to-do!

Here is the answer, add a couple of drops of Gentian Violet solution to a 300ml dispenser /bottle of water and viola! The brassy colour has been toned down to a lovely ash blonde once more.

Natrizone’s little Gentian Violet bottle is perfect to take on holiday with you. Simply keep the empty left-over plastic bottle that contained your hair colourant or any other similar plastic bottle, (preferably one with a nozzle) add 300ml of water followed by 3/4 drops of Natrizone’s fabulous Gentian solution, shake gently and it’s ready to sprinkle onto your washed towel dried hair. Style as normal.

That’s all there is to it!

This extends your colour shade and saves you from colouring your hair so often.

Gentian Violet is available from our online shop or from Amazon: Natrizone Gentian Violet 1% Solution 50ml